Fino Mini-Skein Kits

Fino Mini-Skein Kits

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At last -- a chance to play with a handful of gorgeous Fino colors all at once. Perfect for your favorite gradient shawl pattern, or choose one of our free pattern downloads here.

The five 20g mini-skeins in each kit add up to one 100g skein of Fino.

Want to know our favorite Fino Mini-skein Kit + Fino pairings? Download them here!

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#1 Augusta: Silver Teaset, Watered Silk, Storm Glass, Peacock Plume, Mourning

#2 Beatrix: Silver Teaset, Corsage, Storm Glass, Amethyst Earring, Mourning

#3 Clarissa: Porcelain, Rosewater, Ivory Letter-Opener, Silver Teaset, Storm Glass

#4 Dorothea: Chemise, Filigree, Topsy-Turvy, Velvet Pincushion, Tincture

#5 Eleanor: Rosewater, Havisham, Pocketwatch, Boudoir, Garnet Brooch

#6 Flora: Tincture, Velvet Pincushion, Crystal Goblet, Watered Silk, Folly

#8 Henrietta: Havisham, Corsage, Opal, Watered Silk, Ivory Letter-Opener

#9 Irene: Gilt, Pocketwatch, Boudoir, Amethyst Earring, Poison

#11 Lydia: Storm Glass, Crystal Goblet, Velvet Pincushion, Havisham, Amethyst Earring

#12 Maud: Rosewater, Chemise, Fascinator, Boudoir, Poison

#13 Ophelia: Opal, Ivory Letter-Opener, Porcelain, Velvet Pincushion, Storm Glass

#14 Phoebe: Folly, Watered Silk, Rosewater, Pocketwatch, Brass Button

#15 Rosaline: Velvet Pincushion, Brass Button, Filigree, Turkish Delight, Boudoir

#16 Sybil: Topsy-Turvy, Gilt, Turkish Delight, Chemise, Fascinator

#17 Tabitha: Amethyst Earring, Poison, Mourning, Inkwell, Fleet

#18 Ursula: Stormglass, Silver Teaset, Gilt, Porcelain, Rosewater

**#19 Victoria: Poison, Amethyst Earring, Pram, Porcelain, Ivory Letter-Opener

**#20 Willa: Tincture, Velvet Pincushion, Opal, Promenade, Poison