About us

Welcome to our expression of loving all things fiber, especially yarn! This was the birth of Yarnaholic™  a fun and responsible wordplay about our infatuation with the creative expression of glorious yarn. Visiting us will allow you to show off your love of fiber in your daily routine. From Yarnaholic™ branded products including water bottles, pens, paper, knitting, and crochet accessories to clothes and more fun ideas, we can bring yarn joy into your daily living! We promote responsible yarn buying, not overstretching your budget or overstuffing your yarn bins. Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for special offers and web store events or just to give a shout out! Sign up for our newsletter too! We look forward to brightening your day with unique Yarnaholic™ novelties. Stay tuned for our brand of Yarnaholic™ yarns and some of our absolute faves!