Empower People Bandana/Cowl Crochet Pattern

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Empower People Bandana Knit Pattern by Casapinka
(The pattern is free and you just need to complete the checkout process. You will be able to download it at that point.)

This purple bandana/cowl was designed to expand awareness about the need to vote in elections and demand equality for all people! 

November 2, 2020 marks the 100 year Anniversary of Women Voting for the first time in a national election. Women began almost 100 years before to win this right to Vote. They used sewing and knitting as a way of raising money for their cause and to meet together for discussions. Thanks Great Grandma, Great Aunties and all who fought for this right.

Mountain Colors is Celebrating that very successful struggle! Purple was the color of Suffrage and we would like to combine it with‬ the emPowerPeople2020.com campaign. Mountain Colors is offering a new Tweed color called: Empower Purple – a rich blend of plums and purples.

Each skein will come with a VOTE pin to honor those who fought for the right. Order yours today! We are currently working on the crocheted pattern. There is a knit pattern available as well.